Thursday, July 23, 2009

Birthday card!!

U see...I m actually nt a hardworking person...After a week only i update my blog...haha....Everyday also feel very tired, cant concentrate to the lecture, wanna sleep only....Can anybody tell me what symptoms or disease that i m having???hahha....I just think that is a lazy worm staying inside my body!!!!

Yummy ooo...Ytrday suk chie they went cheras psr mlm again and bought laksa back for me to!!! nice the end of another week again...the time is passing without waiting for anyone....what u have to do is manage the time well..Students always felt that time is not enough to study..Yes yes true.Therefore, just try our best to study it. Don't be too stress... is my bday card ooo...although my bday had passed, but just wanna share with you all...It's hand-made...
Materials are from magazine and newspaper....haha...But i like it. Maybe it's not money-worthy, but it's the sincerity that i like....
Here is the front of the card..It's a bear!!! I love bear very much especially winnie the pooh...haha...I have a set of pooh beat at is weay ken's bday...Happy birthday!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Adventure of Cheras Pasar Malam..

Yesterday night i went to cheras pasar malam oo with chin theng... What a thrilling adventure that i never experienced before..Not that i never go to the pasar malam before, just that the journey of going and back is excited!! and horrible also...

Firstly, because we've already order rice ytrday night , therefore we hav to ask around and see who want the extra rice so that we can go pasar malam..asked for nearly half n hour..Finally shmily wants it, but stil have 1 more rice...No choice, have to waste it..But, when we went and take the ordered rice, the aunty told us that she ordered wrongly n asked whether we want spagetti or nt! We rejected the spagetti and she replace a small rice for us n gave us a sandwich as a compensation..Then after we passed the rice to shmily, then we depart...

Actually i didn't really sure the way to go, but i tried my best to ask my sk's fren about the way...She roughly told me and i just based on my memory and start the journey! You can imagine that...2 girls who do not really know the way to go the cheras psr mlm...just blindly follow the roadsign and the direction provided by my frens..Called my fren for 4 or 5 times to confirm the direction, she must be wondering that m i staying in selangor n feel annoying...wakaaka..Luckily, at last we reached there "safely"....

Walked the pasar mlm for about 2 hours oooo...Ate laksa, kueh teow, ice cream and the famous tau fu fa with tang yuan...Nice n yummy...Around 10pm we preparing to back to college...This is the beginning of our excited adventure...Soon Siang was at Ji wei's car and his car wan leading jun zheng and my car....As a result, we nearly missed two turns (also with the risk of accident) and at last went to sri petaling some more...U- turn again and we used almost 45mins to back to college....When ji wei took right or left turn that time, he didn't even give us the signal and suddenly took the turn....So, when theng wanted to turn that time, just being horned by the cars cuming behind...haih...So so so dangerous...we promised next time not to follow other's car....Better to find the way ourselves..What an excited night!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The spirit of helping each other!!!

So horrible!!! This is the 2nd time of this week that me n my roomate forgot to bring our room key!!! Our door is locked...... The 1st time was by last thurs afternoon. We hav to went to the office and take the risk of being scolded by the staff (luckily they never scold me) and take the spare key... But it's so bad luck 2nite that i forgot to bring again.
I only realise it when i came back from college's cafe...Shit!! I forgot to bring...then all my housemate came out and try many ways to open the door. Some of them go n borrowed keys from others and hope that there will be probability that a key can open our door; some try to open the window while others try to use any materials taht possible to open it....haih...
Even sui sien that staying at block A came to my hse (at block B far..) and try to suggest ways to open ooo...haih...My mind is like that...i will forget almost everything...really almost everything....For example, 1 sec ago if u told me that u went to sumwhere, n after 1 sec i will forget wat u told me just nw..It's so serious.
My family played joke before with my carelessness. They said if i am a doctor, and somehow i forgot that the surgery knife is left in the patient's body then wat will goin to happen!!! Haih. Haha.Even myself also laugh after listened to that...wakakaka..I am thinking that maybe 1 day in lab i will forget that what reagents i hav added and the whole procedure hav to be repeat again!!
God!!Please help to remind me next time. If not, maybe 1 day there will be somethings that can't repeat again due to my carelessness such as a life.Hope that this won't happen....
And 2nite this incident really made me see something: my lovely hsemate, they all are really helpful and kind. I love them!!!Thanks a lot!!! If without them, i think 2nite i hav to stay outside and sleep at the living room but surely won't like nw...drinking coffee and siiting in front of my laptop writing blog....really appreaciate!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Beginner of blogger!!!

This is the first time that i wrote blog. Because it seems fun reading others' blogs, therefore me myself create 1 to write. Wanna add friends but doesn't really know how to ok...i m learning now to make my blog functions.

The second week of the new semester is coming. Very tired to attend lecture but still have to attend. 80% attendances oo. This is so call ISO system.haha..Made us scared to skip lecture lo..Good night o n sweet dreams!